Read and sign our open letters to the government here

Lesen und unterzeichnen Sie unsere offenen Briefe an die Regierung hier

Open letter to Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser

Offener Brief an die Bundesinnenministerin Nancy Faeser

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Open letter and demands to the Berlin Senate

Offener Brief und Forderungen an den Berliner Senat

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Open letter from the Student Coalition for Equal Rights

Offener Brief der Student Coalition for Equal Rights

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who we are

We share comprehensive and useful information adjusted to the requests and needs of the BIPoC community, to give everyone a welcoming space to arrive, connect and find ways for self-empowerment in the face of systemic discrimination and multi-layered blockages.

What We Do

The areas we cover ranges from information sharing (registration processes, resident permit types, political developments) to activism (demonstrations and movements against discrimination). We also offer a safer space for mental health with social gatherings, musical gatherings, where people can connect and feel safer and not alone.

why we do This

With our little resources, we have also managed to give practical support (arranging medical appointments and legal support, finding language courses, job offers, gym registrations, free food and more) to help assist in day-to-day struggles.