Press conference on the current situation in Germany of third-country nationals who fled the war in Ukraine Friday, 12 August 2022, Berlin BIPoC third-country nationals and representatives of the above-mentioned groups presented their perspective and answer your questions on the current issues. We are an alliance of civil society groups and legal experts who, for almost 6 months now, have been providing support for BIPoC* refugees from Ukraine. This support is and remains necessary due to the wide-ranging structural discrimination these refugees have been facing – which did not end after they managed to escape the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, but has continued to determine their experiences in Germany, from the German external borders to the unequal treatment in bureaucratic processes upon arrival. Since the beginning of this flight movement, a system has been developed that, on many levels, triages people who have fled Ukraine into two distinct categories. On the one hand, Ukrainian citizens, who are automatically entitled to residence, access to work and study permits due to their inclusion in the §24 Residence Act, and on the other hand, a very large number of so-called “third-country nationals”, who fled the same war, but can only receive extremely limited protection status through §24, and are currently only allowed to stay legally in Germany until August 31, 2022. Third-country nationals from Ukraine are mainly BIPoC* this includes stateless persons and are already disproportionately affected by discrimination and disadvantage. We are now witnessing a situation in which they are excluded from the labor market, state support and society and can find little support in life after fleeing war. Our alliance includes CUSBU, International Women* Space e.V., BIPoC Ukraine & friends in germany, Bridges over Borders, Migrationsrat e.V., ISD Bund e.V., DaMOst. e.V., and more.